Emmanuel Cadieu

Originally from Brittany, Emmanuel has gained valuable experience working for such Michelin starred restaurants such as Lameloise in Burgundy and Gordon Ramsay in London.

Emmanuel completed the Court of Masters Sommelier Advanced Sommelier Certificate in 2015 - just a few months after arriving in Australia, and plans to sit his Masters examination in October.

Emmanuel was elected Best Young Sommelier of Australia in 2016 and came an impressive third in the World Competition. After being Head Sommelier of Felix, he was appointed Head Sommelier at the renowned est.

Nick Hildebrandt.jpg

Nick Hildebrandt
Restauranteur and Sommelier

Nick Hildebrandt is a leading Sydney restaurateur and sommelier. Along with his business partner Brent Savage, Hildebrandt owns and operates four leading Sydney Restaurants.

Hildebrandt is arguably Australia’s most awarded sommelier having been named sommelier of the year twice by Gourmet Traveller and twice by the Sydney Morning Herald. Along with this his wine lists have picked up several awards. Bentley Restaurant & Bar has won wine list of the year 3 times by the Sydney Morning Herald. Monopole has won the same award twice. Bentley has also won Australian Gourmet Traveller's Wine Magazine's tops award and been inducted into their Hall of Fame. Monopole’s wine list has also won Australian Gourmet Traveller's top award.

Hildebrandt’s career spans over 25 years and before opening Bentley he worked for and with some of the industries top talents and including Tony Bilson, Marco Pierre White, Mark Best and Gulliaume Brahimi at restaurants such as The Treasury, Berowra Waters Inn, Bilsons, Ampersand and Marque.

In 2006 Bentley Restaurant & Bar opened in Surry Hills. Bentley was named Best New Restaurant in the 2007 Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide and was awarded 2 hats for 10 years running. Bentley is currently ranked the number 9 restaurant in Australia by Gourmet Traveller.

In 2012 Hildebrandt and Savage opened Monopole wine bar in Potts Point. Also critically acclaimed, Monopole was awarded a SMH Good Food Guide hat in the 2014 guide. In 2017 Monopole was awarded two hats in the SMH Good Food Guide. Monopole continues to be a magnet for locals, foodies and wine lovers.

In 2013 the pair opened Yellow - a modern bistro located in the famous Yellow House site of Potts Point. In 2015 the SMH Good Food Guide recognised Yellow by awarding the restaurant a hat. In 2016 Yellow went completely vegetarian and was the first restaurant as such to win a coveted hat in the Good Food Guide.

In September 2016 the pair opened Cirrus – a modern seafood based restaurant in Sydney’s Barangaroo precinct. The restaurant has been an instant success. .

Some of Nick’s other achievements include attending the Len Evens Tutorial in 2003, being named in Sydney’s ‘top 100 most influential people’ in the SMH Sydney Magazine in 2007, being named by Gourmet Traveller in 2016 as one of the ‘top 50 people of influence’ and winning along with Business Partner Brent Savage Time Out’s ‘Legend Award’ in 2016.


  • Time Out Sydney 2016 ‘Legend’ Award

  • Sommelier of the Year SMH Good Food Guide 2005 & 2007

  • Australian Gourmet Traveller Sommelier of the Year 2007 & 2015

  • Wine list of the Year SMH Good Food Guide 2007,2012,2016 - Bentley Restaurant & Bar

  • Wine list of the Year SMH Good Food Guide 2014, 2017 – Monopole

  • Wine list of the Year Australian Gourmet Traveller 2014 – Monopole

  • Wine list of the Year Australian Gourmet Traveller Wine Magazine 2015 – Bentley

  • Judy Hirst Award Australian Gourmet Traveller Wine Magazine 2015

  • Hall of Fame Australian Gourmet Traveller Wine Magazine 2016

  • 2007 SMH Good Food Guide Best New Restaurant – Bentley Restaurant & Bar 

Amanda Yallop

Amanda Yallop is Head Sommelier at Fink Group’s flagship venue Quay, where she oversees the largest single venue team of Sommeliers in Australia. A lifetime love of food and wine has led her to visit some of the world’s most exciting wine regions with a particular love for Burgundy. One of her Burgundy highlights was being inducted as a Chevalier into La Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin at last year’s Burgundy Celebration.  

Jeremy Prideux.jpg

Jeremy Prideaux

Jeremy Prideaux is the Retail Manager for the City Wine Shop, part of the collection of much loved Melbourne food & wine establishments that include The European, Melbourne Supper Club and Siglo Bar

His career in wine began with McLaren Vale cellar door work whilst at university in his native Adelaide. It was his time at Universal Wine Bar in 2001, working amongst passionate professionals that gave him deeper insight into the world of wine, which captivated him, leading to extended time working in fine wine retail with East End Cellars, later returning to work at Press Food + Wine

Moving to Melbourne in 2004, he undertook his first stint with the European assisting in the set up and opening of the City Wine Shop, as well as overseeing the cellars and writing of the wine lists for the venues.

After working vintages in both Australia and France in 2008, he returned to Sydney, joining the opening team of Rockpool Bar & Grill. As a senior sommelier there, he was privileged to work with one of Australia’s most prized wine cellars, gaining exposure to some of the great & rare wines of the world.

After a brief sojourn home to Adelaide in 2012 working at Press Food + Wine, Jeremy returned to Melbourne, where he is now looks after the Retail operations of the City Wine Shop, happily plying his knowledge and passion for the trade amongst good colleagues and friends.

Russ Mills

Russ Mills is the Head Sommelier of Bennelong at the Sydney Opera House where he has crafted a wide-ranging wine list that not only harmonises beautifully with Peter Gilmore’s vision of celebrating Australian produce but also compliments the range of dining options. Bennelong is proud to offer 180 of the country’s favourite and small scale labels from an eclectic collection of wine-makers; a notable measure of ‘where we are at’ with Australian wine.

Russ has worked in the hospitality industry for twenty years with some of Australia’s most acclaimed professionals. In the past, working with Chef Tony Bilson at the Raddison Hotel in Sydney for five years as the Assistant Manager and Sommelier. London called after this era at Bilson’s and Russ took up the position of Head Sommelier at the one Michelin-starred Kai Mayfair, where he was based for a year. Following extensive travels to the vineyards of France, Spain, Italy and Germany, Russ returned home to Australia where he was appointed Head Sommelier at Gastro Park in Sydney’s Potts Point.

After spending time crafting the wine list at Gastro Park, The Fink Group offered Russ the position of Assistant Head Sommelier at Quay Restaurant. During his three and a half years at Quay, Russ saw the much celebrated harbour-side restaurant earn an enviable place on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants and Chef Peter Gilmore be named Chef of the Year by The Sydney Morning Herald.

When the Fink Group secured Bennelong as part of their restaurant portfolio, the opportunity arose for Russ to step back into a Head Sommelier role. He gratefully accepted the role at the iconic location of Bennelong in the Sydney Opera House to continue working with Peter Gilmore and the Fink Group.

Isabelle Agnes

Hailing from a tiny village in the Vercors region of the French Alps, Izzy grew up on a pair of skis.  Ever since, it seems she’s been working at weaving her three passions in life of wine, food and travel which fortunately seem to go together, hand in hand.

First leaving France at 17, she started her travels in the UK at the Hotel du Vin, Bristol, offering her the chance to work alongside some inspiring personalities in the trade, which really started her passion to further her learning and make a career in food and wine. 

With an infectious grin, high energy and the hard work ethic of her alpine background, Izzy has worked across any number of roles within the tourism and hospitality to further her travels and learning; extending herself from maître d'hôtel to tour guide and beyond.

In 2013 she moved to New Zealand - in the process discovering a whole new world of wine that made it clear she absolutely had to live in this southern hemisphere! Now firmly based in Melbourne, she takes great pride in her responsibility managing the City Wine Shop, and looking after its many wonderful regulars.  She completed both her WSET 3 and Certified level with the Court of Master Sommeliers in 2016 and is also looking forward to getting stuck into some vintage work with local producers in the next few months.